March & April Music Awesomeness


Where did the month of April go?  It seemed to slip away from me.  Before I knew it, the month was half over and I had not written a blog about the new music I listened to in March.  So I scrapped the idea of a March blog and decided to do a two month music spectacular!  Though there isn’t nearly as much new music on this list as one would think; some new releases I listened to in March really ate up a lot of my listening time and are still prominently placed atop my listening list.

Over the past two months I don’t have an album that was my favorite, but all of the albums I listened to in March are easily my favorites of the year so far.  Just a lot of solid releases that I keep coming back to on an almost daily basis and most likely I will keep coming back to these albums as the year trudges on.  So without further ado:

  • Heron Oblivion – Heron Oblivion – described as psychedelic folk-rock, which admittedly is a genre I know very little about; this band and album comes across as something far more potent than any folk band would think of putting out. This is their debut album with members from a handful of other psych folk-rock bands.  Meg Baird is the singer and drummer, providing both an angelic voice and a steady backbeat for guitarists Noel von Harmonson and Charlie Saufley to showcase their playing abilities, which is typically bouncing solos off of one another while bassist Evan Miller locks in with Baird to provide a powerful, steady groove.  These four combined make a very moody, dynamic album that provides a fantastic listen and I’m guessing a great live show.
  • Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression – I have always known who Iggy Pop is and what his contributions to the punk and for that matter music scene in general, have meant. Yet I have never delved into his catalog as one should.  When I read that he was collaborating with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Ages), I knew I had to listen.  Rounding out the album with Dean Freitas (Queens of the Stone Ages) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), the trio provides a lush sonic soundscape that allows Iggy Pop to move freely lyrically and tonally.  I found the album to be much more subdued than anticipated and I think it permits for a more retrospective look back at Iggy Pop’s career.  If this is indeed Pop’s final album, it is one hell of a way to go out.
  • Santigold – 99 Cents – an easily accessible, fun, and playful listen that has pop hooks littered throughout the album. Versatile song writing that weaves different genres of music together for a very cohesive sounding record.
  • White Denim – Stiff – the Austin, Texas based band is back with their sixth studio album and it is a doozy. The nine song album is over before you know it as the energetic songs flow seamlessly from one track to another.  Their intricate playing keeping the listeners attention so that you don’t miss the nuance of the notes being put forth.

Other things that have come across my sonic radar this month:

As I said before, I didn’t listen to much else other than what’s above, but there was time to listen to Prince.  A genuine, one of a kind artist that will certainly be missed, but whose legacy will carry on for future generations to appreciate.


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