January Jams


After finishing my year end music blog in December, I went about telling friends over the holidays about it and a common refrain was that they didn’t know what was out there for new music and new bands.  So I decided that along with my yearly blog of music, I would try to do a monthly one as well; highlighting new albums from that month and any other previously released albums that I have listened to or come across. Besides my year end blog, I intermittently blog about music, unless I am particularly moved by and a band or an album.

The biggest album for the month of January is easily David Bowie’s final masterpiece Blackstar.  If you don’t know about this record, I am just going to assume you have been in a coma or hiding in your fallout shelter.  Bowie does not disappoint on this release as he weaves new and old sounds together creating a record that breathes fresh air, yet still sounds familiar with the rest of his discography.  With Bowie’s passing, listeners should also delve into the entirety of his work; a refreshing reminder of what a true artist/musician is all about.

Other albums released in January that I got to listen to were:

  • Brothers Osborne – Pawn Shop – duo that plays solid retro, country-rock you’re not likely to find amongst all the bro-country that dominates country radio airwaves these days.
  • Chairlift – Moth – an indie/pop duo in the vein of Phantogram with more of an artsy vibe.
  • Savages – Adore Life – all female Brit band’s second album centered on love’s good and bad sides. Don’t let that description throw you, this album will punch you in the face and then help you off the ground.
  • Tortoise – The Catastrophist – an instrumental band that blends an array of styles to create a sound that is all their own.

Other things that have come across my sonic radar:

  • Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty – go listen to this album if you haven’t already. Very solid album from a band I have grown fonder of with each release.
  • Daughn Gibson – Carnation – the newest release from the singer/songwriter that slipped through the cracks of my listening adventure last year. Though he goes in a different direction from his previous album, Gibson is great at creating a moody listening landscape that keeps the listener captivated.
  • Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia EP – another one that I didn’t get around to listening to last year. Though just 18 minutes long, it is a pleasant listen with songs that sound like the Foo Fighters, but not recent Foo’s’ material.
  • Humphrey Lyttelton – a British jazz trumpeter and band leader that I was introduced to by the John Lennon biography I am currently reading. Lyttelton is cited as an early influence on a young Lennon.

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