Let Us Fight!

As the war drums bang on about action needed in Syria, I cannot help to think about how there has been nothing but war almost my entire adult life.  It seems a little ridiculous to me to even say that statement out loud, or that it is even true.

With our troops scheduled to leave Afghanistan in 2014, we need a new conflict to become embroiled in.  Given the size and the amount of money that we put into our military industry; we cannot afford to not be in war.  I believe that is how some people in power, and people that run all of these industries feel.  That way we are constantly feeding money into the pockets of the ones who only worry about themselves.  Politicians are always talking about what is right and good for the American people.  How about giving our troops a time of peace?  How about redirecting all of the money we are using to build another’s country and put it towards re-building our own?  And what happens when our troops finally do return home?  I bet that all of that good that they were fighting for will not be paid forward to them.  After years of being in combat in some of the most dangerous places in the world, they’ll return with physical and mental injuries and even with veteran suicide rates being double of the regular population, there seems to be no help in sight.

We’ve been told lately that we all need to tighten our belts because of the sequester, but then our government is going to spend more money to go and keep fighting.  And even though we’re told that we will be helping people and bringing democracy, inevitably we will piss a certain percent of the population off and they will start retaliating.  This in turn will lead to another conflict we must be a part of, thus keeping the cycle going of endless war. 

I am all for trying to rid the world of evil when evil arises.  If without a doubt Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, something should be done.  But to fight for fighting’s sake is a business we need to get out of.  What happens when there is nobody left to fight?


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