I have never been good at making and keeping resolutions.  There came a point in time when I completely stopped making any New Year’s resolutions, because I was done trying to kid myself that I would actually stick to them.  I whole heartedly admit that I am a horrible procrastinator and will put most everything off until the very last minute; unless it is a life altering situation.  I think I became this way in high school.  I felt, right or wrong, that I did my best work when I was faced with a deadline that was a day or two away.  Since, I really have no deadlines for much these days; I do not feel the urge to get anything done.  Hence the sporadic use of this blog.  

This year I decided to foray back into the resolution making business.  I tried to do something different this time around.  Instead of giving myself very specific things that I wanted to accomplish, I chose to give myself a very broad resolution of improving myself.  Exercise more, eat healthier, actually finish books instead of just starting them, write more, keep learning, and try to get my life somewhat in

To help me with this, every Saturday morning, I make myself a “To Do” list for the upcoming week.  It is like the nagging girlfriend; with the exception being that I don’t have to listen to it talk.  The list just sits silently and glares at me. 

For the most part I am not doing as well as I would like, yet I believe that I am making progress with my resolution.  It is a slowly evolving process.  I have been much better about exercising, except for a lapse over the last two weeks, and my body definitely feels better when I stay on top of it.  This is probably the longest stretch of sticking with any kind of exercise routine in a long, long time.  I want to parlay this into accomplishing more and becoming a well-rounded man.  I believe that one should always be trying to improve upon themselves.  This is my resolution. 


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