Greatest Thing You Will Read.

On Tuesday night I mentioned to my roommate that the new Soundgarden had just come out that day.  Being a big Soundgarden fan, I was quite excited about this since it was the first album that they had put out since breaking up after 1996’s Down On The Upside.  Though not expecting the greatest rock album of all-time, the decade, let alone the year, I expected a somewhat competent rock album by four extremely talented musicians. 

It was at this point my roommate declared that it must be awful.  His reasoning was that the first two songs he had heard on the radio were horrible, so therefore, the album must be horrible.  Horrible reasoning to say the least, especially when it comes to music.  This got me thinking about an issue that I believe permeates from our society on quite a regular basis.  Hyperbole. 

Now having listened to the new Soundgarden album, it is indeed not horrible, but just a straight forward rock album.  No real hooks, no frills, but just straight rock.  Which is quite enjoyable in my listening eyes.  Not their greatest work by all means, but definitely not the worst thing I have heard in my life that would deem the title of awful or horrible. 

When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I had a big problem with labeling music I listened to as amazing and anything I didn’t listen to as bad.  Man, what an idiot I was.  I am not quite sure what brought this on.  I thought of myself as open minded, but man, was I wrong.  Now I consciously try to avoid using extreme love or dislike for anything in life.  I know that I still slip up every now and then.  Yet, I still do my best to look for the beauty in everything.

When did our society become so entrenched with everything either having to be the greatest or worst thing of all time?  Whatever happened to appreciating life or art for the simple things?  I feel like this problem is getting worse with our 24/7 media and the ability to share/give their opinion on a plethora of platforms.  Not that expressing one’s own opinion is a bad thing, but it has come to the point that the more outlandish you thing you say, the more attention you get.  Sadly, it isn’t based on the context of what you say.  Rarely something comes along that can be called the greatest or worst thing ever.  I believe that this holds true for news stories, politics, sports, music, art, etc. 

I feel that we as people have a desire to label something before it has a chance to fully marinate within our minds.  I am a firm believer that history is the ultimate judge of everything and that we have to give the proper time to a lot of things before being able to fully discern whether or not it was absolutely spectacular or a complete failure.

Except for this blog.  This will probably be the greatest thing you have ever read.  Better than anything Twain or Kerouac ever thought about writing.  You’re welcome.


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