An Inevitable Failure

Just over a year ago, a month after my girlfriend of four years left, I gave myself the task of attempting to listen to every album I owned. I figured that this would be a somewhat productive attempt at occupying my mind from everything that was taking place. A form of escape that I would enjoy and at least bring a little happiness into what was a somber life at that point.

I knew that it would take a while; which is one of the reasons I really liked the idea. I had no idea on a time frame for which I would be, for a lack of a better term, down in the dumps. So after adding up the number of albums between my iPod and the cd’s that didn’t make it onto my iPod, I put the number of albums I needed to listen to between two hundred seventy-five and three hundred.

I’m not sure how long into this adventure I was when I discovered that my first iPod, second generation, still functioned as long as it was constantly connected to a power source. This pleasant surprise added over a hundred more albums to my endeavor. Thus, putting the amount of albums I needed to listen to at four hundred. Daunting to say the least. That is a lot of music.

I dove head first into a sea of sound and soaked it in like the sun. Sometimes I was listening up to five albums a day. Trying to pick albums from my collection that I had not listened to in a long time, or rarely at all. It was a blast. I have almost always thought, whether correct or incorrect in my own mind, that I had an open mind towards all types of music. But this endeavor gave me a different appreciation and love for music. I was listening to albums I have never really given a good, hard listen to. I was finding deep cuts from albums that I thoroughly enjoyed.

After a while, I would say around album two hundred fifty or so, this adventure started to feel more like a job. If I didn’t listen to at least one album a day, I felt like I was letting myself down and further delaying reaching my goal. But I carried on.

Around album three hundred I really started to taper off. And eventually I stopped keeping track altogether. I am pretty sure I was around three hundred sixteen albums when I stopped counting. This was about eleven months in. In the following month I listened to quite a few albums, thanks to Spotify. All in all, I would guesstimate that my total albums listened to in one year would be between three hundred sixty-five and four hundred. A lot of music.

I came to the realization that my goal was an unattainable goal. With purchasing new albums and the endless amount of albums on Spotify; there is just no way I can listen to it all. There is just too much music to listen to and enjoy. This undertaking has given me a new found love for listening to, enjoying, and giving a shot to all sorts of different genres of music. It is an absolute beautiful thing. One I will never grow tired of and one I will continue to pursue. As a wise man once told me, “variety is the spice of life.”


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