I Miss/Need You So Much

Today there are four different NBA Playoff games going on; one of which involves my favorite team, the L.A. Lakers. Boston vs. L.A. in the Finals are some of the first sports games I can remember watching as a kid. I fell in love with basketball. My uncle, Pat, had a Lakers poster hanging on his bedroom wall; which helped sway me into being a Lakers fan for life.

From that point on, I have tried to consume as much basketball as one can. Basketball became my sport of choice growing up. From watching those amazing basketball finals in 1987 up until the present, I have always looked forward to the NBA Playoffs.

This is the first year I have not had cable, and therefore, have not been able to watch any of the games; with the exception of one Lakers game. I have listened to the other two games the Lakers have played against the Nuggets; but it is just not the same.

To me, basketball is one of the most beautiful games to watch when being played at an extremely high level. I know a lot of people do not enjoy the pro game as much as I do, but I believe it to be far superior than anything else that anyone tries to compare it to.

For the past two years I have had the NBA League Pass, which allows you to watch every regular season game being played. With the playoffs on national television, I had access to every minute of every game for two years straight. That is a lot of basketball. And in those two years I watched a majority of all the Lakers games. It was an amazing treat to watch Kobe, Phil, Pau, Fish, Drew, and everyone else for those two seasons. I mostly bought the League Pass in order to watch Kobe and the Lakers, but I very much enjoyed being able to watch any other game or player I wanted to. The perfect fix for a basketball junkie.

Due to the lockout shortened season this year, there were multiple games being played almost every night from Christmas until the present. You never know what will happen in a shortened season, it is a free for all with never ending storylines. It was the best year to have the League Pass. Due to financial restraints and paying for more important things in life, I was not able to have cable, but more importantly, NBA League Pass. It has been a rough NBA season and post-season for a self admitted basketball junkie. I miss the sights of the elegance, the grace, and the intensity. I will manage, I will keep listening, and I will keep up to date through the technology of the internet. But I miss it so much. I will get my fix somehow.


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