This past weekend was a cauldron bubbling with potential debauchery. I am a single guy living within the Center Square neighborhood of Albany and I never really need much of an excuse to go out. Unless I am broke. With it being First Friday in Albany and the lack of winter weather, thank you global warming hoax, it was a prime situation to head out on the town and raise some holy heck.

After coming home Friday night from work, I proceeded to head on down to the corner wine and liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine for the night/weekend. It is at this point where things get out of control and set the tone for the weekend.

I had been invited to watch the Super Bowl with one of my friends and his pregnant wife, along with whoever else came to their house. The entire week leading up to the Super Bowl, I had a craving for pulled pork. Having either thrown out the recipe I had used once before or misplaced it somewhere, I needed a new one. After opening the bottle of wine and taking a few hits of weed, I settled in for a long evening of looking through pulled pork and dry rub recipes, taking bits and pieces of each, trying to put together the perfect combination. As midnight rolled around and Friday slowly slipped into Saturday, I was slipping myself into bed for a night of slumber. Even just a year or two ago, the prospect of me going to bed before or around midnight were ludicrous.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early and conquering the list of tasks that I had written up the night before. As the day progressed, I attempted to find someone, anyone to go out and have an afternoon drink with. Unfortunately, my search was futile. When Saturday night rolled around, it was time to put my culinary skills to work. Having purchased Swedish rock band Graveyard’s latest album and fully entrenched in my bottle of wine and my bowl of weed, I was more than eager to attack this slab of pork with my concoction of a dry rub. With the pork tucked away in the fridge overnight to let the flavors soak in, I proceeded to melt into my recliner. From this point out, the night was out of control, as I watched a documentary about the dark ages. It was quite interesting and I definitely learned a lot that I didn’t know before. I highly recommend it.

My unruly weekend came to an end after watching the Super Bowl with my married friends. Not really sure how I survived all of the badassery. I am just thankful I did. Next weekend promises to be insane as well, especially when I attend a birthday party for a four year old.


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