A Year & A Different Life

I recently caught myself thinking about what my life was like a year ago today. For as quick as a year in one’s life seems to go by, an awful lot takes place.

Last year at this time I was a merchandise manager on the book floor and surrounded by co-workers and customers. Constantly talking to people I know or complete strangers. When not working, I was typically at home with my ex-girlfriend. So I was always around and interacting with another person.

Now I am the receiving manager, working a majority of the time, in the stock room. Rarely am I on the book floor. Within the stock room, I work alone and only talk to people that come into the department, whether it is co-workers or delivery men, for a short period of time. After spending most of my day talking and interacting with no one, I come home to my apartment, where I live alone, and for the most part, interact with no one.

It is such a stark contrast between right now and one year ago.

With all of this extra quiet time in my life, I have a lot more time for thought. And listening to music. I feel that I am definitely coming upon different aspects of life that I am enjoying more so now than in years past. I want to keep expanding my horizons.


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