Thankful For The Memories

One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, has come and gone. I would probably rank it as my second favorite holiday behind the Fourth of July. This was at least the third year in a row that I have not spent this holiday with any family members. A contributing factor to this, is the fact that I work in retail and have had to work every Black Friday for the past five years. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough to spend theses last few Thanksgivings with people that I love, cherish and consider my extended, non-related family.

Growing up, Thanksgiving was almost always held at my house. What a joy it was to wake up in the morning to food already being prepared and the house smelling absolutely wonderful. Being me, I find no greater day in which I can eat a lot of delicious food at will, watch football, and hang out with family. What was even better is that it was at my house. Late November in the heart of the Adirondacks tends to yield cold temperatures and a decent amount of snow on the ground, so not having to leave the house and being able to gorge was fantastic.

Being a kid, I always thought that each Thanksgiving would be like this, or at least somewhat like this. All of the family getting together, rehashing old stories, catching up on life since we would all be grown up and perhaps not seeing or talking to one another as much.

Alas, my last such Thanksgiving like that was in 2004. My mother’s side of the family had grown, so therefore, we had outgrown hosting Thanksgiving at our house. I really don’t remember too much of it. Perhaps because I was high. I remember, to take the focus off of me, I cracked jokes about my cousin, who had put on a little weight during his first semester of college, because he was first in line for the food. He was also high. I also remember one of my uncles wanting me to tell the story to the family about my fling with a lesbian during that fall semester. He thought it was great. Not really sure what my grandparents were thinking as their eldest grandchild recalled a two week tryst he had with a girl that would eventually go back to her ex-girlfriend. Looking back on it, I wish I would have relished those moments just a little bit more. I know that I took it a little for granted and just figured that was how life would always be. A tad naïve of me for certain.

By the time the next Thanksgiving rolled around, my parents would be separated and I would find myself on the verge of a deep depression. Even now when I talk to my Mom on Thanksgiving, not all of the family gets together any longer for dinner. Though quite a few of them still live in the same town or somewhat close by. It is sad to think that not all of them get together for dinner any longer. I guess that is just the way things go. Life never goes exactly as planned and you have to cherish and remember with fondness the good times that were had.


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