Blast From The Past

I am ecstatic right now.  I am currently listening to Jimi Hendrix’s life show from Winterland in San Francisco.  This is not the newly re-mastered version, unfortunately; I am hoping to get that at a later date. 

The reason I am quite happy at the moment is that the vehicle for this musical pleasure is my first iPod.  It was the 2nd generation iPod that Apple came out with.  A Christmas/Graduation gift from my aunt Carol (thank you).  It came as quite a surprise to me.  Being an avid music listener and lover, it was the perfect device for me.  I can remember going home and uploading iTunes to my computer from the disc and importing my first CD, which happened to be Pearl Jam’s greatest hits record Rearviewmirror.  I could not believe that I was going to be able to have all of my music stored in one place and that I would be able to listen to what ever album I wanted to.  No longer would I have to carry around my Discman (which I still have) and a CD carrying case.  The iPod was so small and so convenient.

About four years ago my iPod had finally played its last tune.  At the time, it would only work when plugged in.  Eventually it just stopped working altogether.  I was upset, but I knew that it had provided hour upon hours upon hours of entertainment.  Every five and half hour trip I made between Newcomb and Fredonia.  Every lawn I mowed for two straight summers.  My month long trip around the East Coast living in and out of a van with 28N.  Sitting on the deck of my house until the wee hours of the morn with friends listening to all of the Led Zeppelin we could handle.  All the good and the bad.  And now it is back.

I held onto it in hopes that one day it would work again.  Then I received the newer iPod for Christmas almost two years ago.  Yet I kept the first one in a drawer with other things that I never throw out.  The reason I never threw it out even after I got the newer version is because of sentimental value.  It represents a slew of memories. 

All it took was deciding to plug it into the wall just to see if anything would happen. Lo and behold, it fired up.  That beautiful black and white screen.  This is going to add almost a hundred new albums to my endeavor of listening to every album I own.  So now I am going to listen to over four hundred albums.  Hopefully within a year.  It is going to be fantastic.  I am ready for a little stroll down memory lane.


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