This Place Is A Mess

     This isn’t so much a rant, as much as it is just a vomiting of thoughts from my mind.  Plus, I am now without a stoop.  So, perhaps, I should change the name of this blog.  But those are troubles I shall worry about another day.  The title of this post deals with various parts of my life, all of which are a mess.  The first one is my apartment.

     I have recently moved from one apartment within the confines of Center Square to another within the same area.  Even though I have moved maybe a quarter of a mile, this has been one of the more strenuous moves I have made.  Keep in mind, I have now moved five times within the last six years; plus helping various friends make moves of their own.  So I definitely have quite a bit of experience in moving belongings from one place to the next. 

     It has been strenuous in the fact that I was moving out of the apartment that my ex-girlfriend and I co-inhabited for almost two years.  To be heading back into a place on my own after I thought that we would be together, well, forever, tends to take a toll on the mind.  The other part that has been hard, has been the fact that all of my days off during the month of July have been occupied.  I have spent maybe two to three days off this past month in Albany.  This has led to slow moving and much slower unpacking.  As of right now, there is not one room in my new apartment that is completely set up.  I have a path carved out between boxes that lead to my recliner and to my coffee maker.  Getting ready for work in the morning has been a hassle since I can’t seem to find everything I need in a timely fashion.  Something always seems to be somewhere else. 

     This whole not being unpacked debacle has led me to be more scatter brained than I care for.  I have not been fully equipped to face the day in the past few weeks.  There are probably certain people that think I wasn’t that organized to begin with.  Even though it may not have looked that way to the naked eye, to me it was organized chaos.  This leads to not being able to focus on other aspects of my life, such as my weekly to-do lists and work.

     Work.  What a mess that has turned into.  First off, I work in retail, which is such a joy.  Like any job, there are good and bad days.  I just have a lot of trouble in dealing with the stupidity of the general public (but that is a post for another day).  Recently our store manager was relieved of her duties.  She is a great person and someone I like, however, she wasn’t the best at her job.  Unfortunately, she had been at the store for awhile and a lot of employees have grown quite fond of her.  Part of the problem being that the employees knowing that they could get away with anything with her.  What the employees don’t see is what happens behind the scenes.  Lack of training for managers, failing to mention deadlines for important projects, the failure to move the store in the direction the company wants to take, etc.  Her firing has led to a mini revolt amongst the employees and rumors that the other managers conspired to have her fired.  No matter what is said, the rumors continue to swirl. 

     With the persistent rumors, nobody trusts one another now.  I mean for the love of God, we work fucking retail!  It’s not like anyone is being asked to split atoms or cure cancer here.  You’re being asked to perform mundane tasks and deal with people.  Unfortunately the work environment has been spiked with venom for one another.  Managers thinking that employees are out to get them, employees thinking the managers are backstabbing people to move ahead, managers not completely trusting one another and a general distrust amongst certain people.  I for one don’t care.  I believe that everyone should just grow up.  All of this is petty and quite juvenile.  This is life, people get fired, people move on, get over it.

     It is just disheartening to be working longer hours now in a work environment in which no one gets along and trusts one another and then coming home to an apartment that is a wreck.  This has left my mind a mess.  With nothing organized in life, there is nothing organized within my mind.  Hopefully I will continue to write more so that it will clear my mind of all of its clutter and I will be able to focus on getting everything else in order.


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